Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Amul Vidyashree & Amul Vidya Bhushan Awards

The foundation of every state is the sound education of its youth and hence is the most basic constituent for a developing nation like India. Towards this, we at Amul have always contributed our best towards ensuring development and encouraging the spirit of enlightenment among today’s youth.

As a continuation towards this endeavour, Amul has instituted Vidyashree Award to recognize the academic excellence of the class 10 school topper in the examination in each State/Central Board enrolled school every year.

The objective of the awards is to recognize the efforts of the academic merit toppers and build equity for Amul among the young India. We are proud to constitute this award which is the first of its kind in India and operate Pan-India in such a large scale.

By winning this award, not only the student gets recognized, but it also help the schools to enhance their image as an academy that imparts quality education, putting it at par with other premier institutions in India.

Both “Amul Vidyashree” & “Amul Vidyabhushan” Awards consists of:

· A specially designed Trophy,
· A Certificate of excellence signed by MD, GCMMF and
· A Cash Award of Rs.1000/-
· Listed along with photograph on our website www.amul.com
· Feature in press advertisement in a leading national newspaper

The inception of this award took place in the year 2004-05, whereby in the first year we honoured the award to students of 500 schools in South India, East India and Gujarat. In the second year (2005-06) we further acknowledged 2267 students across schools in India. For the academic year 2006-07, we have till date recognized the academic excellence of around 3077 for Vidyashree Award across India.

Moving ahead, in 2006-07 we have instituted the “Amul Vidyabhushan Award” to recognize the toppers of 12th Standard examinations. In the first of year of inception, we have awarded students 2073 students across India.

For the academic year 2007-08, we plan to recognize the efforts of 10,000 Class X & Class XII merit rankers (5000 students each for Vidyashree and Vidyabhushan Awards). We further intend to increase the award number every year so that maximum students are recognized for their academic excellence through our Awards.

All this is towards Amul’s vision to see educated, talented and strong youth in future India and hence work our best towards nation building.